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Make Each Day a Creative One

Flowers and my Mac Air

Hi. I’m Leslie, a freelance graphic designer, photographer and artist based in Riverside, California. For as far back as I can remember I’ve had a passion for communication, language and expression. I studied Classical Civilizations at USC (complete with 8 years of Latin grammar under my belt…who does that?), utterly in awe of the artistic beauty revealed in ancient art, architecture and poetry. My minor in film design—and my A-type personality—allowed me to further explore my creative side with traditional cell-drawn animation projects and Claymation films.

I began a successful career as a freelance graphic designer in 2004. I found it difficult to stay in one “creative niche” often bouncing between Adobe Illustrator, watercolors, oils, and photography. I found inspiration comes from anywhere and can be reproduced in any medium (and it’s always good to mix it up—life is too abundant not to!) hence Kahle Creative was born in 2007 and I try to make each day a creative one.

Now, I’m lucky to have work I love—massaging context and imagery into stories that build great brands. Being a certified yoga instructor, I also embrace the great outdoors, fitness and wellness lifestyle. Some of my best creative thinking happens when I’m walking my spunky 11 year-old Boston Terrier, Louie. I’m a mom to two wonderful boys that keep my life fun, frantic and unconditionally rewarding.

In my spare time, I continue to love on my countless plants, find new Paleo-inspired recipes, read one book after another, practice piano with my boys (it’s on my bucket list to become an aficionado), volunteer with the PTA and try to fit in a glass of red wine with my friends whenever I can.

Leslie Kahle, Kahle Creative

Custom Design

In the 12 years I’ve been designing, no two projects have ever been exactly alike. Each client has different problems to be solved, wants and goals. I take pride in the one-on-one relationship with my clients so I can tailor each design project to their unique needs.



Communication is key with any relationship, including the designer/client relationship. I won’t sketch one line until I have interviewed my clients and have a thorough understanding why they need my services and what they’d like to achieve. I communicate with my clients throughout the entire design process so they are informed and there are no surprises.


Foreseeable Costs

Creation is an organic process, but I understand your budget may not be so….organic. I will work within your budget and let you know in advance if there will be any foreseeable additional costs in design or production.



If being a mom has taught me anything, it is that life is unpredictable and plans change, and we need to adjust accordingly.  I’ll be as flexible as you need me to be, and we can adjust the scope of work at any point.

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